Are you ready to make BIG BREAKTHROUGHS in 2019? 

READY to know and express your purpose? Connect so much more deeply and authentically with a partner?
Relate consciously with everyone, sharing as you choose? Date as YOU, connect with someone who really likes YOU?
Be responsive at work (not reactive)?  Leap into a new career, perhaps working for yourself?
Perhaps simply are you ready to GROW and EVOLVE, prioritize YOU, know what you WANT and CREATE IT?

I’ve created a simple program for you to EXPAND and DEEPEN all year.

EVERY HALF-MONTH, I’ll release a NEW VIDEO teaching you a new BODY PSYCHOLOGY TOOL. The list of Tools is below. I’ll also schedule one or more GROUP COACHING SESSIONS each half month (the busier we get, the more we’ll have) so you have small groups with personal attention and can jump in, ask questions, get personalized coaching and learn from others’ questions as well. We’ll focus on the Tool covered in that half-month so you get lots of practice and deepen your embodiment. These group sessions are private for those who have subscribed for the half-month, not recorded nor shared with anyone else.

WHAT IS BODY PSYCHOLOGY? Our bodies provide so much information. Are we AWARE? Learn how to LISTEN and explore what these MESSAGES might mean for you (you’ll notice so much more in others too). And LEARN what to DO. Sometimes the thing to do is to FEEL. And often the first thing to do is to MOVE your body in particular ways to presence, ground, center, and flow. DISCOVER so many ways that we each can block our own authentic life expression. Unblock, unhook, RELEASE from old stories, from relationships that don’t serve us or them. CONNECT with yourself. Sort your stories from your TRUTH. HONOR your experience. Feel INSPIRED. Be EMPOWERED to take authentic action, in your own timing. MANIFEST. INTEGRATE to navigate Upper Limits. SOAR.

The Tools

1) 5 Core Feelings in Your Body + Anger vs. Aggression (15+ page handout)
2) 4 Fears & Body Antidotes
3) Creative Joint Play, Exaggeration, Whole Body Wondering & Pattern Interrupt
4) Facts vs. Stories, Personas & the Power of Words
5) Making Choices & Following Impulses
6) In & Beyond The Triangle
7) Resonant Listening & Tossing
8) Manifestation: Mass, Energy & Space
9) Withhold/Withdraw/Project + Concealing vs. Revealing
10) Unhooking the Source (aka Cutting Cords)
11) Breathing for Presence & Empowerment
12) Blame to Responsibility & Central Repeating Patterns
13) Willingness, Commitments & Choices
14) ULPs & OBLADS (Unwinding Upper Limit Problems at the Source)
15) Making Requests & Agreements + Consciously Changing Agreements
16) Unconscious Commitments & The Basic Practice
17) Owning Our Part & Speaking Simply
18) Moving With & Through Anger & Shame
19) Laban Body Movements
20) That’s Not in My File
21) Openness to Learning
22) Out-Sourcing & In-Sourcing
23) Reading People’s Body Psychology
24) The Energy of Genius

These Body Psychology Tools derive from Gay & Katie Hendricks (most are directly from them), Robert Masters, Betty Cannon, Whitney Walpole and me. We may invent new variations while we are together too!

24 New Body Psychology Tools
Video Series + Coaching for 2019

Videos will likely be 15-25 minutes each. 
Drop-In Coaching is available for everyone subscribing to that half-month.

Handouts will be available for many Tools as well.

1  Video, 1 New Body Psychology Tool = $10

1 Month of 2 Tools = $18 (10% off, $9 each)

1 Year of 24 Tools = $180 (25% off, $7.50 each)

When you subscribe to the full year, you get 10% off private coaching with me all year too. My coaching packages are here.
The class is for exploring and expanding. Private coaching is for mastery.

To Sign Up

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“Great info in such a short time. Thank you for your insight and expertise.”  Student

“I give you a BIG shout out of appreciation for the skillful container you have created!”  Coach

“This rocked the house! Laureli has worked side by side with Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks. She is a super genius and she had us acting out and embodying different parts of hero-victim-villain with hilarious and deeply educational results. We also got some great strategies for win-win with others that are useful for a lifetime. Go see her teach!”  Master Coach

[Your online classes are] “almost like being right there with you! You’re a good, peaceful teacher.”  Writer & Coach

“Your teaching is much ‘deeper’ than what it appears on the surface.” – Student

“What a wonderful experience it was indeed…I felt so safe to be vulnerable, connected and belong. I am ready for my next step now and have all my tools in hand.” – Tools for Getting Unstuck Attendee

The Videos

5 Core Feelings: January Chapter 1

16 Handouts included with 20 min Video
Group Coaching on Feelings on Monday January 7, 6-7pm PT
(7-8pm MT, 8-9pm CT, 9-10pm ET)

Enjoy this intro video to hear what we cover in the 20 min video.


4 Fears & Body Antidotes: January Chapter 2

3 Handouts included with 18 min Video
Group Coaching on Feelings on Wednesday January 23, 6-7pm PT
(7-8pm MT, 8-9pm CT, 9-10pm ET)

Enjoy this intro video to hear what we cover in the 18 min video.


Creative Joint Play, Pattern Interrupt, Exaggeration & Wonder: February Chap 3

1 Handouts included with four short videos totally ~15 min Video
Group Coaching on Pattern Interrupts and more on Sunday February 10, 6-7pm PT
(7-8pm MT, 8-9pm CT, 9-10pm ET)

Enjoy this intro video to hear what we cover in the 15 min video.


Facts vs. Stories, Personas & The Power of Words: February Chapter 4

4 Handouts included with a 40 min Video (4 videos totaling 40 min)
Group Coaching on F vs. S, Personas & Words on Wednesday February 27, at 4pm and 7pm PT
(5-6 + 8-9pm MT, 6-7 + 9-10pm CT, 7-8 + 10-11pm ET)

Enjoy this intro video to hear what we cover in three videos totaling a whopping 40 min all together.

Making Choices & Following Impulses: March Chapter 5

1 Handout included with a ~20 min Video
Group Coaching on Making Choices & Following Impulses on Tuesday March 19 at 7-8pm PT 
(8-9pm MT, 9-10pm CT and 10-11pm ET)

Enjoy this intro video to hear what we cover in two videos totaling 28 min all together.

In & Beyond The Triangle: March Chapter 6

__ Handouts included with a ~20 min Video
Group Coaching on In & Beyond The Triangle on Tuesday March 26 at 7-8pm PT 
(8-9pm MT, 9-10pm CT and 10-11pm ET)

Enjoy this intro video (coming soon) to hear what we cover in __ videos totaling __ min all together.

Many more to come!

To Sign Up

Send an email to sign up with an invoice or pay here.

This page is available at