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Do you long for relationships filled with joy? Imagine romantic, family, and community relationships that enliven you, are abundant in appreciation, and support your growth.

Your relationship(s) may already be like this and you want even more! Or you might be in relationships where you and/or others experience boredom, separateness, mistrust, criticism and other ongoing challenges and conflicts. You might be questioning whether to stay or go. Or you might be single and exuberantly open to a conscious partnership. Or you are lonely but fear repeating old dating patterns.

At ThriveWise we empower you to connect with yourself and others in appreciative, healthy and joyful ways.

Services & Expertise

  • Relationship & Couples Coaching

    Emphasize similarities and synergies, appreciate and learn from differences, own projections and shadows, learn how everything is feedback, focus on what you can impact, identify what you really want, and play your way to deep joy, creativity, and an abundance of juicy connection.

  • Dating Coaching

    Consciously choose dating rather than diving in, recognize and end problematic dating patterns, expand your willingness to be met and honored, radiate your readiness and engage the great partnership opportunities before you.

  • Conscious Online Dating

    Learn how to find great dates and partners online: increase the authenticity of your profile and photos, screen out and avoidpast lessons, identify aligned matches, and expand your capacity to be seen, valued, and appreciated. I’m currently hosting a Conscious Online Dating Coaching Group by video.

  • Matchmaking

    Connect with singles valuing authenticity, appreciation, responsiveness, and presence who match and meet you in consciousness, life purpose, creativity, communication, values, and so much more.

  • Lifestyles

    Feel welcomed with all that you are: single, coupled, polyamorous, open, closed, straight, queer, trans, coming out, vanilla, chocolate, rainbow, etc.

  • Conscious Endings

    Maximize learning, ease, and friendship as you decide whether to end a relationship and consciously complete what no longer serves.

  • Healing Sexual Trauma

    Face and accept the past (even if you have no memory), reveal what’s been hidden, claim what’s yours and release what’s not, own the present, source your own safety, and powerfully and healthily step into your future.

Specialized Tools

Conscious Loving Skills

Reap and enjoy the bountiful lessons of relationship with exaggeration, play and authenticity; grow together; quickly resolve conflicts by empowering yourself and others; increase your upper limit of appreciating others and of your ability to receive and savor others’ appreciation of you.

Body Psychology

Raise your emotional and body intelligences to increase authenticity, prevent conflict, align your experience and expression, radiate joy and fulfillment, and be an invitation for others to join you.


Assess the natural talents and personality types of yourself plus current and/or past partners, then use this awareness to ease and synergize relationship interactions, avoid repeating past patterns, and identify aligned matches to maximize collaboration, creativity, expression of genius, and authentic connection. Learn more here.

Speed Dating & Conscious Singles Socials

Practice authentic connection, explore engaging exercises and games, receive in-the-moment coaching, and expand your conscious community as you get introduced to their friends and their friends and so on…

Fulfilling relationships build from a foundation of Appreciation – savoring others with your presence and awareness, connecting, and celebrating in playful, conscious communication.

Packages are tailored to each person, history and relationship and can include assessments, coaching, and group experiences – classes, ongoing groups, socials, and more. Examples of ThriveTypes Assessments, coaching, consulting fees are available here.

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