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We’re available with insightful and practical tips in just a few minutes. Whether you reach out before before a meeting, at a social event, or when you’re in the car – we’re here.

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We aim to be responsive by text, email and phone between 6am-10pm pacific time 7 days a week for regular clients.


Do you want more? A lot more? It is possible. We’ll help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

You might be bored, feel stuck, be drained of energy. You may want to work on creating more abundance and fulfillment, a career shift or a promotion, or a new definition of your purpose. You may be newly opening to shifting old patterns and healing trauma.

You can discover and create what you really want in all areas of your life.

If you achieved everything you now imagine, what would you do with all your time and creative energy? These are the big questions and pathways we’ll explore together.

At ThriveWise we empower you to connect with and express your core essence by shifting whatever is in the way.

Services & Expertise

  • Personal Coaching & Empowerment

    Relax in deep presence, metamorphose old patterns and transform, reconnect with your energizing core, then map and walk the path to all you really want.

  • Genius Discovery

    Identify your unique genius, invent ways to express your genius in all you do, make meaningful and impactful contributions, feel extraordinarily fulfilled, and expand to receive great value in return.

  • Career Path Guidance

    Quickly identify which career directions, specific positions, teams and organizations allow you to experience the most success, fulfillment, and appreciation; then apply and interview powerfully.

  • Emotional & Body Intelligence: Body Psychology

    Learn and practice the skills of presence, authenticity and integrity, rediscover how you are your own best ally, and realize you are the best source of all you need to know.

  • Healing Trauma

    Face and accept the past, reveal what’s been hidden, claim what’s yours and release what’s not, own the present, and powerfully and healthily step into your future.

  • Intuitive Awareness

    Collaboratively engage intuitively to quickly recognize underlying patterns and identify key shift moves.

  • Coach Training & Certification

    Learn and embody the tools we use at ThriveWise and Culture Counts for working with your own clients.

Specialized Tools

Conscious Living Skills

Raise your EQ and BQ (emotional and body intelligence, body psychology) to quickly resolve conflicts, empower yourself and others, and increase your awareness, presence, clarity, creativity and energy.


Assess your natural talents and personality types then use this awareness to make sense of your past, focus on what fulfills you the most (hand off what doesn’t), appreciate and interact more easily with the diverse people around you, and deepen connection to your essence and life purpose. Learn more here and on our new ThriveTypes website.

Games, ThriveBoards & Vision Boards

Express what you really want, chart a course towards it, be partnered in your journey one step at a time, measure your progress and celebrate your wins.

Joy and fulfillment build from a foundation of Authenticity – knowing and honoring one’s essence, living in integrity and presence, aligning to what is, and embracing choice and our power to create.

Packages are customized to each person and setting and can include genius assessments, individual coaching, and group experiences – workshops, classes, trainings, and more. Examples of ThriveTypes Assessments, coaching, consulting fees are available here.

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