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About ThriveWise

To thrive is to grow vigorously, to flourish and prosper – to progress towards and realize goals despite or because of the circumstances.

At ThriveWise, we partner with you on your unique journey to thriving.

We help you discover what’s authentic, what you really want, and help you navigate a joyous and easy journey towards this, providing abundant resources and presence along the way.

We integrate coaching and tools for your business, life and relationships so you progress faster and your results are more sustainable. We’re available, for almost any subject that shows up, right when you need us.

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We have a growing library of ~1 hour Body Psychology classes. Write for more info or to purchase.

  • Sensations, Feelings, Fears & Melters (+ Anger vs. Aggression) – set of 3
  • In & Beyond the Triangle – set of 2
  • Breaking Through Personas & Masks
  • Own Your Genius
  • Attention & Awareness

We have current Dating Coaching & Matchmaking offerings too.

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