Conscious Matchmaking Lessons 3 & 4: Laureli + Celeste

The model I use for Matchmaking and Conscious Online Dating has 4 Lessons of Love, that we choose partners 1) like our parents, 2) opposite us, 3) like us and 4) with shared purpose. The value of dating someone like yourself is that you deepen in loving yourself all the way to your core. Celeste and I are nearly identical. We suspect we may have shared purpose too. See us below on our 3rd date (we live 400 miles apart), as we share what it is like to date someone so similar. This is a journey you don’t want to miss. I’ll be teaching about the Lessons of Love again in February 2016, and I’d love to coach you on finding an aligned sweetie just for you. Headphones are recommended for the video below.