New Year! Time to Play a New Game

Late December and early January are great times to look both backwards and forwards.

It’s a great opportunity to look back and complete what’s still open from 2016. What appreciations of others do you want to share? What milestones did you intend to reach that you can take next steps on and finish up? What are you proud of that you accomplished that you’re willing to celebrate? What lessons did you learn? Is there anyone or anything you said goodbye to that you want to remember and/or release? What was most alive for you last year? About what did you feel the greatest grief?

Small steps can be big accomplishments – don’t dismiss them! And while you may feel sad, scared or angry about some things, don’t forget to also focus on what’s been good.

Don’t feel shy about celebrating, as this is an important step to opening to achieve and receive in the upcoming year.

Make a list now of anything you want to do now, anyone you want to call. Feel free to take a break and call them now.

When you are ready, create some fresh space inside and out. Stretch and move around. Make a healthy smoothie or brew some tea. Clean off your table or go sit in a comfy space in the living room.

Get out some paper. Lined or unlined. Choose pens you like. Or if you prefer, gather some magazines and scissors.

Now…imagine it is December 31, 2017. A whole year from now! Imagine you are celebrating a great year. Where are you? Who are you with? What are you celebrating? What happened? Where did you make big progress? What new steps did you take? What new things did you do? What adventures did you have? How did you grow? Who did you connect with?

Explore this as it works for you. Write or draw. Use words or images. Be quiet or talk, and maybe even sing!

This is for you.

As you imagine yourself celebrating, out there in time, looking back, what do you feel so good that you accomplished in 2017? What did you expand into in business, in your community, in love?

Don’t think about how (you’ll accomplish something). Simply play!

What would have you feel so much ease to know you’d done it? What has you take a big breath?

When the wave of your expression comes to a pause, don’t push on. Let it go. Perhaps take another break. Dance. Go for a walk.

Then when you are ready again, consider making a vision board from your images or writing some goals from your notes. Write your goals in past or present tense in full sentences, such as:

  • I cleaned out my basement
  • I feel more connected with my partner, we’re intimate about once a week
  • I got promoted and am feeling great about my new role, and if it isn’t going that direction, I tune my resume and strategize about getting a new job
  • I explored 3 new career directions in line with my purpose and am getting ready to choose
  • I joined online dating site, went on several really good dates and might have a new boy/girlfriend
  • My family chose a summer vacation adventure all together and had a great time
  • I hired a leadership coach and am doing better managing my team in ways that are authentic to me
  • I’ve made two new good friends

Focus on you and phrase things in ways that you can influence it happening.

If you’d like a colorful gameboard container for your intentions for next year, take a look at the easily printable documents I’ve got below. And if you’d like to create something online that is scoreable, look at and see the image below (and if you are interested, please sign up at my special link).

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