Dating Patterns & Purpose: A TEDx Style Talk on Video

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Have you ever wondered why you’ve dated who you’ve dated and what these people all have in common besides that they dated you? In this TEDx style talk delivered to members of our conscious community (thanks to Tate Sprite’s brilliant idea!), I give you the likely answer, using the example of my own personal journey.

I explain the 4 Lessons of Love simply, using the backdrop of the 7 Talents of ThriveTypes to illustrate my point. I’m a dating coach and matchmaker – these are the tools I use to support people being authentic, being true to themselves, and choosing dating partners who support them on this growth journey.

Embodying these lessons and choosing others on a parallel or perhaps the same journey is how we find our soulmate. Recognizing how these patterns have played out in our own romantic lives opens your eyes so you see many new people whom you’ve never seen before. Abundance and deep connection, intimacy and co-creativity await you…

Based on this, in 2016 I wrote Eyes Are a Window to Your Soulmate, A Guide to Using ThriveTypes for Conscious Online Dating.

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