We’re Hiring!

Assistant for Intuitive Coaching Practice (Greater Seattle or Remote)

We provide intuitive readings, coaching and consulting plus run events online and  in 4 cities in the pacific northwest. We work in a range of modalities and applications, including Intuitive Eye Readings, Body Psychology, career/leadership, talent management/recruiting, spiritual growth, relationships/matchmaking, intellectual property, and project management. We also run large MeWe Metaphysical & Wellness Fairs, teach classes and lead other group events. Our aim is to empower people, practitioners and organizations to thrive. Learn more about us at LaureliShimayo.com.

We have an opening that is a combination of Social Media Assistant, Project Manager, Executive Assistant, Event Assistant and more. 

We’re looking for 1 person to do a range of activities for ~10-20 hours/week (all of it can be remote and in Greater Seattle would be ideal). A small part of this work will be for a non-profit organization we volunteer at (they will pay you). If we focus your work on activities that actively earn back (client projects, well-attended events), there could be more hours too, if that is desired. There is a lot of flexibility about when work happens, except for some live events.

The most successful candidates will be 1) brilliant, strategic, organized, timely (enough), grounded and methodical; 2) entrepreneurial and nimble; 3) conscious, authentic, spacious and intuitive (or love the intuitive/metaphysical community); and 4) sufficiently social and connecting (you’ll help run an online event + maybe in person events).

This could be great part-time work for someone who is growing their own coaching, therapy, healing or intuitive practice and wants mentoring along with this “taxi job” that supports their journey from here until they have a sufficiently grown practice.

We need help with:

  • Project Management: juggle an enormous number of balls, emails, details, interconnected projects, etc. and prioritize your own work tasks (and sometimes help me with mine)
  • Event Support: help manage many events, help run some events, track participant information, send correspondence to participants, do venue research, and possibly help run events
  • Marketing: track scheduled events (endlessly changing), post on social media (help supervise someone else who is posting), update website calendars and pages, possibly design images, websites and flyers
  • Office Tasks: data entry, client communication, electronic file management, paper filing, editing
  • Executive Assistant: help me (the owner) organize my emails, calendar, replies to clients, etc.
  • Client Projects: assist with some client projects, send emails, review data
  • OPTIONAL: Be backup on Bookkeeping: learn to manage the bookkeeping system (Freshbooks), send invoices to clients and event vendors, correspond with clients, prepare reports for taxes

To succeed, you’ll:

  • Have experience in all these types of work and enjoy doing them in fluid flow
  • Thrive while naturally expressing all the personal qualities listed above
  • Enjoy and regularly use personal/spiritual growth tools
  • Be responsible and response-able
  • Be professional and sufficiently sophisticated to meet our clients
  • Be authentic and casual with members of our team
  • Be robust, energetic and strong enough for occasional long days
  • Be direct and honest, share your opinion, promptly face what’s not working and improve it
  • Be great at both giving and receiving feedback
  • Be confident to make decisions and collaborative to ask questions and follow directions
  • Work quickly, efficiently and productively
  • Communicate clearly with great grammar and spelling
  • Be comfortable with celebrating and including diversity

Compensation will be determined by your experience, talent and skill, likely $15-25/hr.

If you are interested in this position, please e-mail Laureli@thrive-wise.com with the following information:
1) A simple and honest email (cover letter) that conveys why you are a great fit for this role and our organization
2) A resume
3) Links to your Facebook or LinkedIn profiles

No calls please.

We respect the time and energy it takes to apply for a job, so we will make every effort to contact you after receiving your application. Thank you for your consideration and interest in working with us. 

We aim to treat everyone with dignity and know that diversity is a strength. We seek talented, qualified employees regardless of race, color, sex/gender and preference, pregnancy status, national origin, religion, ability, age, marital or registered civil partnership status, citizen status, veteran status, or any other protected classification under country or local law.