EMDR as a Possible Treatment for Increased Anxiety in People on the Autism-Aspergers Spectrum

While doing an Intuitive Eye Reading today with a client who is on the Autism-Aspergers spectrum, I had the insight that EMDR might be useful for some of this person’s symptoms. This person, who is in their mid-20s, experiences anxiety and some obsessive-compulsive behavior that has gotten worse during the last few years. I suspect that the situations that are challenging for this person have created repeated triggers resulting in PTSD-like symptoms. So some situations have gotten more triggering over time while others have gotten better and easier to handle as person has gotten familiarity with them and learned new coping strategies. This has been particularly true as they have gotten more comfortable socializing – but some social situations, particularly certain emotional experiences, have become more triggering.
I did not know if any research has been done about using EMDR for people on the Autism-Aspergers spectrum, so I took a look, and there are some examples:
So, if you know someone or have a client who is on the Autism-Aspergers spectrum, look to see if EMDR might be useful. Look to see if anxiety symptoms have gotten worse over time as an indicator. Also, if you offer EMDR, this may be a way to market your services.