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Is there a gap between your business now and its potential? It could be that you’ve grown swiftly, have personnel issues, don’t have great performance management tools, or are an entrepreneur just getting started.

What if you and your people achieved what’s possible?

How great would your experience and results be then? Imagine your culture motivating and aligning your people, easily clarifying priorities, and incentivizing accountability and collaboration, all while encouraging authenticity and fulfillment.

At ThriveWise we empower you and your team to reach and sustain your potential.

Services & Expertise

  • Leadership Coaching

    Lead from your sweet spot, demonstrate powerful presence, motivate and grow your people, and integrate your growth in all areas of your business and life.

  • Retreats

    Step away to face what’s real, address issues and strategize. Celebrate, align, energize, and synergize your team for what’s here now and what’s coming in the future.

  • Culture

    Collaboratively design your motivating Purpose, the Vision you’re building, and the Values & Key Behaviors you count on each other for. Use these tools as a compass to steer your culture and guide and align business decisions.

  • Strategic Planning + People-Focused Performance Management

    As an organization, in teams, and for each employee – set goals, playfully measure performance, engage candid conversations, and celebrate great results.

  • Organizational Development

    Design and sustain a culture of authenticity and growth. Learn how to place your people to optimize their contribution, team collaboration, and personal fulfillment.

  • Hire4Genius

    Attract and select people whose natural talents and skills align with their role, work well with their team, and fit in and support the culture. Learn more here.

  • Skill Building

    Increase respect, communication, and collaboration by learning, practicing, and embodying new skills.

Specialized Tools

Business Games & ThriveBoards

Shift your culture and people’s attitudes using the well-known analogy of team sports (e.g., share the goal of a big win, align on strategies and tactics, get better with practice, play from the sweet spot, be responsive and nimble on the field, look at the scoreboard, take calculated risks, work together as a team, break for huddles, receive coaching, and much more). Create games together, play together, and win individually, as a team, and as a community.


Assess natural talents and personality types, appreciate diversity, leverage this awareness to increase fulfillment and results for yourself, your people, with colleagues, and when selecting new members of your team. Learn more here and at our new ThriveTypes website.

Conscious Leadership Skills

Raise your and your team’s EQ and BQ (emotional and body intelligence) to eliminate drama, empower accountability, clarify communication, and build an aware, present, and energized community and culture, where everything is possible.

Sustainable business success builds from a foundation of Response-Ability – deep self-awareness, presence and integrity that delivers empowerment and responsiveness in the moment, regardless of other people and the situation.

Packages are customized to each leader, team and organization and can include retreat design and facilitation, genius assessments, team training, individual coaching, consulting, etc. Examples of ThriveTypes Assessments, coaching, consulting fees are available here.

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