February 2019 Newsletter – with links!

It is February already! TODAY, Feb 2 online at 2pm PT, I offer my Conscious Online Dating Class – it is great if you are currently doing online dating or have never done it before. For the deepest dive, gather photos of your parents and exes. We’ll explore my philosophy about attractions, how to shift your subconscious, problematic patterns, how my eye readings are involved, and tons of tips for dating consciously online.
We have 4 Free Admission Metaphysical Empowerment & Wellness Fairs this month: Saturday Feb 9 in PortlandSaturday Feb 16 in Redmond/SeattleSunday Feb 17 Online and Saturday Feb 23 in Eugene. Portland will have over 50 practitioners and vendors!!! Eugene will be close with 45. Come play! Each offers a Free Intuitive Panel so you can get samples of different styles of of answers, hear and learn from responses to others, and connect with splendid community. We offer free snacks, free talks at most locations, and many opportunities to easily connect, explore and grow. We are also having two Nights of Messages on Love in Portland this week & Healing Dis-ease in Eugene. So much info on what is happening, when talks are scheduled and who will be there is available on our website. Want to be a vendor? Click Get a Booth on our new website. In both Portland and Eugene we have 200-300 chairs we must carefully re-place after we vacuum during cleanup. Anyone want some paid work at about 8:30-9:30pm? I also welcome volunteers to help during the day. Email me!
My Body Psychology Breakthrough Series is powerful list of video tools and group coaching: choose from 1, 2 or all 24. This 1st half of February has a theme of Pattern Interrupt, and it will also include Creative Joint Play, Exaggeration and Whole Body Wondering. This will prep us for the 2nd half of February will be Creative Joint Play, Exaggeration, Whole Body Wondering & Pattern Interrupt (all that in 1 Video!!!) + Facts vs. Stories, Personas & The Power of Words.
Also, I feel sad to share that our events in Seattle with Katie Hendricks are being postponed – I’ll be in touch with another date soon. We will be scheduling a set of video calls with Katie and to expand the field as we proceed throughout the year.  Join our NEW FACEBOOK GROUP for sharing Hendricks-inspired ideas, tools, and community to stay informed on all that is happening along the way and to play with us!
Reach out to me if you want a private session or to schedule an appointment at one of the fairs.
Details of my events are on my calendar and many are on Facebook as well. Enjoy the posters below (posters coming soon)!