Playshop – It’s a New Year: Play & Win a New Game

On January 07, 2015 at 4:00 pm

Host: Laureli Shimayo Phone: 720-352-2434

Cost: $25

It’s a New Year: Play & Win a New Game

Wednesday Jan 7, 4-9pm – drop in any time

It’s a new year and a great time to start fresh. Pause to discover your VISION for 2015 – what’s happening in your life, work and relationships? Create a VISUAL MAP of where you are going using images and/or words. Strategize a grounded and achievable PATHWAY for getting there.

This is an open 5 hours – come join us for as short or long as you like, bring food, get food and come back, and bring ideas and optionally craft supplies. We’ll provide exercises and questions to stimulate your exploration along with simple materials for creating a GAME in images and/or words. We’ll provide great COACHING too so you stretch your Upper Limit and increase your capacity for success.

The intention is that you create a Vision Board or Game today. We’ll have questions and exercises to stimulate your exploration. Then during the year we’ll have frequent Time Out: Game Huddles for checking in on your Game and progress and get coaching where you want more ease and bigger results.

Optionally bring magazines, colored pens/pencils, scissors, and any special material to be used as your vision board (simple boards provided), etc.

Recommended Donation $25

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Address: 2354 SE 59th Ave, Portland, OR 97215