The Adrenaline Addiction & Beyond The Drama Triangle

On August 24, 2015 at 6:30 pm

Host: Laureli Shimayo Phone: 7203522434

Cost: $20

The Drama Triangle was created by Stephen Karpman in 1968 as a brilliant model for explaining just about all human conflict and drama. David Emerald later created three roles outside The Triangle. Gay & Katie Hendricks and their students expanded and deepened the value of The Triangle, teaching people how to apply awareness of all six roles in seminars for decades: Hero, Victim, Villain and Coach, Creator and Challenger.

In this class I’ll bring together all this knowledge from 30+ seminars and many years of using The Triangle in my own life and with clients – to help you chart and walk a course to an empowered life Beyond The Triangle. It is amazing how much, even in subtle ways, we can get caught in The Triangle in our own heads in addition to with other people. When someone we interact with steps in, it can be so seductive to step in with them!

Discover your habitual patterns and learn to use your body movements, fully feel your fears, and shift to new thoughts to expand far Beyond the Triangle. Enjoy living an empowered and joyous life fueled by aliveness instead of adrenaline!

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