Secrets of the Heart – Introductory Interactive Presentation by Donation

On October 16, 2014 at 7:00 pm

Host: Laureli Hosts Dana Tomasino Phone: (808) 333 2582

Cost: $10

An Evening of the Heart! Come discover the heart’s role in consciousness — how the heart, as an intelligent system, influences the way we perceive, feel, and respond to the world. This interactive presentation will include fascinating new science on heart-brain communication, the heart’s involvement in intuitive perception and intentionality, and heart field interactions between people — and also between people and animals! You will also learn and practice a simple, powerful tool to activate the optimal state of Heart Coherence — the body’s signature of Love — in which the body, mind and emotions sync up with the heart — and you will experience how this state serves as a portal to Heart Intelligence and higher consciousness. View a real-time demonstration of how the heart’s rhythmic wave pattern changes as we experience different emotions, and how positive emotions, like appreciation, produce a dramatic shift to increased coherence in the heart’s rhythmic output. We’ll discuss the key role of Heart Intelligence and Love in emotional evolution — a vital next step in personal and planetary consciousness development. 7-9pm, $10-20 Suggested Donation

Private sessions with Dana (HeartMath tools, Heart Intelligence practices and heart rhythm coherence biofeedback, personalized for your goals and intentions) available by appointment. Traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi healing bodywork/ SourceLight Radiance sessions also available. 808 333-2582;

Dana Tomasino is visiting Portland for the first time, from the Big Island of Hawaii. Formerly a researcher at the Institute of HeartMath for 12 years, she has authored numerous scientific publications on topics such as the psychophysiology of positive emotions, heart-brain communication, heart field energetic interactions, and the heart’s role in intuition and intentionality. Now practicing independently in both Hawaii and New Zealand, her work continues to integrate science and spirituality, with a focus on the role of the heart and Love in personal and planetary evolution. Dana is a certified 1-on-1 Provider of the HeartMath system of heart-based tools and technology for stress reduction, health enhancement, and emotional development. She also does healing work, combining traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi bodywork with SourceLight Radiance, her own unique energy healing modality.

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Address: 2354 SE 59th Ave, Portland, OR 97215