Gallery of Intuitive Arts: Past Lives + Intuition

On May 22, 2015 at 6:00 pm

Host: Laureli Shimayo Phone: 720-352-2434

Cost: Free

Discovering Past Lives + Trusting Your Intuition

Join a wide variety of intuitive practitioners to socialize; introduce yourself, a bit about your gifts and interests; then enjoy experiential presentations from our members:

Discovering Past Lives with Jesse Dujari: Let’s explore the subject of past lives together. How can we tell if something in our life is being caused by a current life’s expression, or some other expression? How many times have we danced this same dance? How many times have we danced with these same partners? What are we here to resolve and how will that free us to grow? Are past lives actually in our past? How will working on our current past and parallel expressions impact the experience we live within? These are some of the questions we will discuss. She looks forward to sharing the experience with all of you. For more information, visit Jesse’s website

Trusting Your Intuition with Nancy Stubbs: Are you willing to trust yourself, to truly trust the images/words/impressions you experience as something you are co-sourcing with Spirit, Life, the Divine, God/god? What if there were no wrong answers? This evening will provide you with an opportunity to connect and experience both giving and receiving intuitive content with others. Bring a small object that can be held in the palm of your hand, a journal, and something to write with. Nancy Stubbs is a life coach and consultant soon to be relocating to the Portland area (mid-June). Many years ago, she participated in four years of spiritual/intuitive development with a variety of teachers. She’s done readings for 27 years, and loves to share intuitive development tools with others. Her website

5/22, 6-8:30pm @ The Genius Place, 2354 SE 59th Ave Portland, OR 97215




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Address: 2354 Southeast 59th Avenue, Portland, OR 97215, USA