Gallery of Intuitive Arts

On September 11, 2015 at 6:00 pm

Host: Laureli Shimayo Phone: 7203522434

Cost: Free

Join a wide variety of intuitive practitioners to socialize; introduce yourself, a bit about your gifts and interests; then enjoy experiential presentations from our members.

Gallery of Metaphysical Arts: The Drama Triangle + Energy Work

Join Inannah and Vy Thuy Le at the Gallery of Metaphysical Arts. Inannah will present on Intuiting the Drama Triangle and Vy will present on Energy Work: The Unfolding.

Twice each month, a wide variety of metaphysical practitioners (readers, healers, mediums, channels, psychics, intuitives) meet to socialize and learn from each other, then enjoy experiential presentations from our members:

Intuiting the Drama in the Body, with Inannah:

Three roles explaining all human conflict and drama were created by Stephen Karpman in 1968. Since then, many psychologists, coaches and teachers have expanded on this model, including descriptions for how to read this energy in the body. People not only play out these roles with each other – Victim, Villain, Hero – they also do it inside themselves. Discover the three roles of the Drama Triangle, the subtle (or not so subtle) ways they are present in your own life, and learn how to recognize them energetically in others. Plus, get tips for stepping out of the Drama Triangle to empowerment. More information on the Triangle is available at A full class on getting out of the Drama Triangle will be offered at New Renaissance Bookshop on Nov 20.

Inannah has been an intuitive reader all her life and doing coaching and eye readings for people professionally for almost a decade. She is a graduate of Gay & Katie Hendricks’ Leadership & Transformation 2 year program and has training and/or certification in ThriveTypes Eye Readings for Genius, Body Psychology Improvisation, Big Leap Life & Relationship Coaching, Applied Existential Psychotherapy with Betty Cannon, Intuitive Integral Somatic Psychotherapy with Robert Masters, and Business Coaching with Culture Counts. Learn more about Inannah and her work at and

Energy Work: The Unfolding, with Vy Thuy Le:

Topics include: The future of molecular studies & sacred geometry, case studies in past life traumas, and our readiness and attention to our evolution. Vy Thuy Le was born in Portland, Oregon to two Vietnamese immigrants. She has two younger siblings, one niece and a dog named Atlas. She is very close to her family and learned early on that she was fortunate to have such love and stability in her life. In turn, she saw the disparity around her, the need of so many for support (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) and encouragement.  Her goal is to bring greater understanding to the potential of all healers across the globe, and our ability to address health concerns in a way that is aligned with our own natural way of healing. Learn more about Vy and her work at

9/11, 6-8:30pm @ The Genius Place, 2354 SE 59th Ave, Portland OR 97215


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Address: The Genius Place, 2354 SE 59th Ave, Portland OR 97215