Gallery of Intuitive Arts: Being Vulnerable with All Energies + Meta-Heart Coherence

On August 14, 2015 at 6:00 pm

Host: Laureli Shimayo Phone: 7203522434

Cost: Free

Join Cathleen Connor and Dana Tomasino at the Gallery of Intuitive Arts. Cathleen will present on Being Vulnerable with All Energies, and Dana will present on The Lens of Love: Expanding Psychic Consciousness through Heart Coherence.

Twice each month, a wide variety of intuitive practitioners meet to socialize and learn from each other, then enjoy experiential presentations from our members:

Being Vulnerable with All Energies, with Cathleen Connor: Whenever we attempt to define the situations and energy that we are aware of as good/bad, positive/negative, or right/wrong, we tend to go into judgment instead of our deeper knowing. Many of us have also learned to set up barriers or boundaries of our own awareness and knowing because of the discomfort we have experienced with taking on other people’s energy or being abused in some way. If consciousness includes everything and judges nothing, how can putting your barriers down and being in communion with your body and all energies contribute to your life? Would you like to be able to receive more joy as well? Using the tools and bodywork of Access Consciousness, there are techniques to allow yourself more receiving in the areas of relationships, money, and ease in your body. Cathleen Connor is a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator along with being an Elementary Teacher and a parent. She has hosted 2 radio shows: Growing Up Conscious and Super Scoop of Consciousness where she shares consciousness tools with people of all ages. Her main target when facilitating adults or children is to empower them to know what they know and receive the gift of fully being who they are as they become more aware of their unique capacities, talents and abilities. Learn more at

The Lens of Love: Expanding Psychic Consciousness through Heart Coherence, with Dana Tomasino: For millennia, nearly every human civilization and spiritual tradition has acknowledged the Heart as a portal to a larger aspect of our consciousness — our Spirit or Higher Self — and Love as the key that unlocks this mystical connection. Though these ancient intuitive understandings of the heart have been largely obscured by modern Western medicine’s mechanistic model, fascinating new science is now reconfirming the connection between the heart itself and a larger aspect of our awareness that transcends space-time boundaries. This presentation will integrate scientific and spiritual perspectives to explore new understandings of the heart as an intelligent system and key point of access to the intuitive intelligence and expanded awareness of our Higher Self: our higher-dimensional consciousness. We will learn how emotions sourced in Love actually shift the heart and the entire body into Coherence — a special, optimal state of body-wide synchrony and harmony, in which we become a clear conduit for information from Spirit. Using coherence-building practices in our day-to-day lives, individually and in community, we can come to perceive and interact with our reality increasingly through the lens of Love — affording us broader intuitive perspectives on issues and challenges, vastly improved health and well-being, greater relational harmony, and ultimately contributing to our evolution as individuals and as a planetary society. Dana Tomasino is visiting the Pacific Northwest from the Big Island of Hawaii. Formerly a researcher at the Institute of HeartMath in California for 12 years, she has authored numerous scientific publications on topics such as the psychophysiology of positive emotions, heart-brain communication, heart field energetic interactions, and the heart’s role in intuition and intentionality. Now practicing independently, her work continues to integrate science and spirituality,with a focus on the role of Heart Intelligence and Love in personal and planetary evolution. Dana is a certified 1-on-1 Provider of the HeartMath system of heart-based tools and technology for stress reduction, health enhancement, and emotional development. She also does healing work, combining traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi bodywork with Source Light Radiance, her own unique energy healing modality.

8/14, 6-8:30pm @ The Genius Place, 2354 SE 59th Ave Portland, OR 97215



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Address: The Genius Place, 2354 SE 59th Ave, Portland OR 97215