Manifest Your Soulmate + The Emotion Code – $10

On October 20, 2015 at 6:00 pm

Host: Laureli Shimayo Phone: 7203522434

Cost: $10

Manifest Your Soulmate + The Emotion Code

Join a wide variety of intuitive practitioners to socialize; introduce yourself, a bit about your gifts and interests; then enjoy experiential presentations from our members.

Manifest Your Soulmate with Alexandra Loves

Certified Love Attraction Coach, Alexandra Loves, teaches how to use spiritual principles and the Law Of Attraction to effortlessly bring love to your door. We break down the barriers to bringing love in your life. We will perform a powerful process called the “Soul Call,” where participants will forge a deep connection with their Soulmates. This workshop was made famous by Kathryn Alice. Her best selling book, “Love Will Find You” has brought thousands of Soulmates together. Bring a blanket and pillow for comfort and a journal if you have one.

Alexandra Loves, CLAC has worked for over a decade specializing in helping people heal from devastating heartbreak, open to love, and manifest their Soulmates. She is a protégé of Kathryn Alice, international Love Guru.

The Emotion Code with Stasia Bliss

The Emotion Code is a powerful and streamlined modality that allows one to peer into the vast oceanic realms of the subconscious mind, detect with precision trapped emotions and blocked patterns/behaviors as well as bodily imbalances, and correct them with ease. This method is life-changing and is the key of this era to unlocking the heart and empowering the masses. Come learn the simple method to self-liberation and decode the subconscious mind today!

Stasia is an Empowerment Coach, Author, Speaker, Mystic & Healer. Stasia has been walking through the depths of inner transformation and has reached a state whereby she may provide ultimate support for those entrenched in the journey. She has taught classes and workshops for over a dozen years on awareness and personal healing and empowerment, has numerous published books related to conscious living and offers profound sessions for healing and empowerment to those ready to delve a little deeper. Perhaps most in line with her passion, Stasia has been captaining the widely uncharted territory of the subconscious mind for many years, developing tools and techniques to allow access to this vast storehouse of memories and seed behavior affecting everything we do. She is a keeper of timelessness and eternal wisdom and stands as a pivot point in the deep, allowing others to find the courage and pathways whereby they may navigate the core of their essence and be able to discover and finally embody the truth of who they really are.

Utilizing The Emotion Code developed by Dr Bradley Nelson, and as a trained, certified practitioner of the art, Stasia has expanded the possibilities discovered through this amazing modality to reach unprecedented results with body communication and subconscious mind decoding. Come and experience a taste of the magic!

10/20, 6-8:30pm @ New Renaissance Bookshop​, 1338 NW 23rd Ave, Portland OR 97210

Call 503.224.4929 to register. $10

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Address: New Renaissance Bookshop, 1338 NW 23rd Ave, Portland OR 97210