Embodied Expressive Arts + Utilizing Energy to Shift Your Perceptions of Reality

On March 08, 2016 at 6:00 pm

Host: Laureli Shimayo Phone: 720-352-2434

Cost: $10

Join Lanie Bergin and Mikael Luman at the Gallery of Metaphysical Arts. Lanie will present on Embodied Expressive Arts and Mikael will present on Utilizing Energy to Shift Your Perceptions of Reality.

Twice each month, a wide variety of metaphysical practitioners (readers, healers, mediums, channels, psychics, intuitives) meet to socialize and learn from each other, then enjoy experiential presentations from our members:

A Practice in Embodied Expressive Arts with Lanie Bergin

This presentation will introduce participants to the concept of “liminal space” both through short discussion and an experiential using the Expressive Art modalities (Movement, drawing, writing, and reflection with others). The anthropologist, Victor Turner, introduced the concept of liminal space – as a space of transformation between phases of separation and reincorporation. It represents a period of ambiguity, and transitional state. The arts in this way can help us transition from this in-between space allowing us to garner the gifts of awareness on many levels.

Lanie Bergin is an Movement-based Expressive Arts Educator and Therapist. She is an Early Childhood Educator and teaches classes for children and adults. She is the founder of Bergin Learning Arts School of Expressive Arts in Portland and she is the Teaching Director in the school’s 500-hour professional training program for Embodied Expressive Arts Education and Therapy. For more information about her and school’s offerings visit www.berginlearningarts.com
Utilizing Energy to Shift Your Perceptions of Reality with Mikael Luman
Description to be announced.

3/8, 6-8:30pm @ New Renaissance Bookshop, 1338 NW 23rd Ave, $10


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