5 Feelings + 4 Fears in the Body + Unwinding Your Sex-Fear Tangle to Fuel Juicy Creativity

On October 12, 2015 at 6:30 pm

Host: Laureli Shimayo Phone: 720-352-2434

Cost: $20

Just like there are primary colors, there are also primary or core feelings. In this class you’ll expand your capacity to experience, notice, be in the presence of, express and receive the 5 core feelings: Mad, Glad, Sad, Scared and Sexual. Notice the distinction between experiencing and expressing. We’ll explore this, particularly noticing sensations in our bodies as clues to how we feel and what feelings are likely experienced by others. Everyone is unique, and there are common “feeling zones” in the body.

I recently taught an entire class on the big energy of Anger – there was so much more than we could fit in 2.5 hours – we’ll touch on this as part of the overview of all five feelings.

Fear is actually the most problematic feeling for people in general and for our society. There are 4 fears: Freeze, Flee, Faint and Fight. Fight is a form of fear that people often mistaken for anger (which is why fear is actually the bigger issue). We’ll review these 4 fears in the body plus the Fear Antidotes or Fear Melters for dissolving the stuckness that is so common in fear, liberating our aliveness, creativity and responsiveness in the moment.

We’ll also review the meaning of the 5 feelings – knowing what they mean often provides more mobilization of energy and/or relaxation into the experience, plus it helps clarify requests!

We’ll also explore the common tangle of sexual feelings, fear and anger. Sexual feelings are often charged in our culture, and most people don’t understand the distinction between experience and expression, which is useful for creating safety. Katie Hendricks is teaching an advanced course on this topic in September 2015, so this material will be fresh – and may deserve its own course! You’ll get highlights in this class so you stay on the evolutionary edge of these explorations…

Laureli Shimayo has been teaching and coaching people for 10+ years. She is a graduate of Gay & Katie Hendricks’ 2 year Leadership & Transformation program and has training and/or certification in ThriveTypes, Genius, Body Psychology Improvisation, Big Leap Coaching, Applied Existential Psychotherapy, Intuitive Integral Somatic Psychotherapy and Business Coaching.

10/12, 6:30-9pm @ The Genius Place, 2354 SE 59th Ave, Portland, OR 97215

$20 if paid 1 week in advance, $25 1 day in advance, $30 at the door.

You can pay via http://www.meetup.com/Conscious-Manifestation-Tools-for-Thriving/events/225613505/ or email me at laurel@thrive-wise.com and I will send you an invoice. You must rsvp to the Meetup event to pay on Meetup.


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